This better be false

South Africa has been through a lot of service delivery strikes last year and the beginning of this year, most of them cannot be really explained how they suddenly went quiet. As a typical curious non-practicing journo I thought I should do my own intelligence (can’t rely on state’s intelligence reports their truth is often their hypothesis, if not as my dad would say ‘inyani bayayinkinkisha’ [through comes out in bits and pieces over a period of time]).

So I went out and had conversations with various people, just checking what has happened since their last strikes. Started of at areas I worked in and to my surprise they have something up their sleeve for the General (yes the one with muscle shirts or cow boy hats also known as Beki Cele) he’s about to be a very busy men post Soccer Word Cup.

After meeting parents of a group of dedicated high school learners (Future Fighters) who are determined to make a difference in their communities over the weekend, I initiated a chat with security guys who seemed irritated by some non-South African (pimps) who are lifting their hands against their employees (women of the night). This conversation went on and on until their supervisor came and join us. He shared their concern and was with them all the way, I was taken aback by this due to his level of education but it seems his heart was touched by the screams (from women of the night) he hears every night especially over weekends. He was also concerned about the easy access to drugs the youth has since the arrival of “illegal Nigerians”, how these are destroying their future. Further how they bribe their way out of arrest while South African citizens pay exorbitant amounts of money through the legal processes to clear their name.

I gathered from all the people I spoke to thus far that all their actions are on hold until after the World Cup, this was a surprise for me because in most countries the world cup is targeted by protesters or those who feel aggrieved to send a strong message and get maximum media exposure. So I probed (Xolani Gwala or Debra Patta’s style) I guess I shouldn’t have probed as xenophobic tendencies came up and the anger on their faces was more than enough to tell that these guys have had it.

So if you’re close to the General (yes the one who can dance until the morning comes) you’d better warn him to use these 2 months (May, June) to prepare his entourage for the challenges ahead. I for one wouldn’t like us to make international news for the wrong reasons. If you’ve got our President’s ear, you better advise him of the possible challenges ahead, advise him to ensure that his entourage use these two months to engage communities and ensure that they understand what their service delivery plans are, what are the time-lines etc. If what I’m hearing is true I wouldn’t be a proudly South African as I am right now post Soccer World Cup.


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