Vac. jobs opportunities for SA students

“Hi all I was approached by a recruitment company today They are looking for 400 people to assist in the boxes at the stadium during the world cup.

Job types:

1. Barmen/Waiter @ R25/hour · Required to welcome guests · Serve food and drinks · Look after them

2. Superviser/Captain @ R45/hour · Manage 5 – 10 boxes · Ensure staff are doing what is required · Ensure suites are clean and well stocked · Deal with any problems that arise

All candidates must be

· 18 years and older · presentable,

· English literate (read, write and speak clearly)

· Must be able to commit to all 8 games & 3 training sessions (11 June – 6 July 2010)

· Do not have to have waiter/barmen experience

Hours: 10am – till end of game (± 10 hour shift)

Need to get own transport to the Presclean offices in Brooklyn – vehicles will be look after (security will be present) – they will transport the staff to and from the stadium.

Dress code: they will supply a shirt – the person will need to wear black trousers, black socks, black shoes

Closing date for applications 31 January 2010 CV’s required for those wanting to do the supervisor job

This is open to everyone –

Please send me names & contact details ASAP!!

Details I need: Address, Contact number, ID, Shirt size and Next of kin details.

Especially for the unemployed/youth in our communities[Alexia Leetz]  – send details to Zaeemah Dollie


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