Today Is My “HIV Birthday”

Please if you’re at health department or invloved in HIV related activitives especial support groups here’s a concept you could use as theme for your event (HIV Birthday).

“Seven years ago today, I found out I was HIV positive. I’m thinking a lot today about how my life has changed since that day. You know, I have to say, there has been good and bad, ups and downs, but I continue to be thankful for the life I have. Ironically, I think I am healthier living with HIV than I was when I was negative. The one thing I still struggle with today is fear of stigma/disclosure. But I’m working on it! I’m being more open about my status because I do feel that silence = shame, and I have nothing to be ashamed of!” mikeosito

“Before I tested positive, I could never understand why anyone would want to have an HIV birthday. However, my HIV birthday is October 16th – also 7 years. In the beginning, I didn’t think that I would be able to get through this but I have since learned to appreciate life. I now say that HIV will eventually take my breath but I refuse to let it take my life! Good luck in your continuous journey”. Dakotalagrange

“2 years ago on the 20th of this month I know was when I got infected. I’m so glad that I am here today in 09. God bless everyone”. car2d2

“unfortunately i don’t recall the exact day, but it’s twenty years ago this month i was diagnosed with hiv…who knew i’d still be around to talk about it!” Vanyel5

“My “HIV Birthday” is today…November 17th.

It’s been 9 years for me.

And, you are right…how things have changed in one’s life”. Polymath

For more infromation on HIV related stories including treatment and ongoing research for prevention and treatment go to

websites like twitter, facebook, etc. are blocked at my workplace this blog/note was brought to through


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