Can we trust media to look after itself?

The media has been canvassing for relaxation of regulations with regards to what it can publish and what it cannot publish. Thus far a number of these laws have been relaxed compared to apartheid era. However a lot still needs to be done by media or South African Broadcasting Complaints Commission as well as Advertising Authorities with regards to flexing their muscles on the kinds of advertisements that the media can publish or broadcast (access to information will not be discussed here).

I’m sure a lot of you have come across a number of advertisements particularly on newspapers that make you wonder, is this business being advertised here legal? i.e. abortions adverts as well as the over 18 business services. I mean who in their right mind approves those adverts, can’t the courts charge these institutions alongside the culprits or owners of the businesses advertised.

There has been a number of reports by the media on the effects of illegal abortions and how our government systems are failing to curb this yet on the same newspaper there are at least 4 adverts of illegal abortions. Has anyone amongst you heard or saw action taken against these media institutions for their role in the killing of innocent children who die daily at the hand of these heartless barbarians. How many people out there who have had the worst ordeal have publicly mentioned that they saw the contacts of the abortion this on the newspaper and yet nothing has been done to change this.

The worst thing some of the editors and those in charge of the adverts sections are parents themselves, how do they sleep at night knowing fully well that somewhere in some dingy corner a girl is going through excruciating pains that she shouldn’t be or could be dying.

So as we celebrate this day while demanding more media freedom let us be careful how we use it.

There’s a no parent out there who will be willing to increase his/her daughter’s allowance knowing fully well that she’ll spend it at a tavern or club drinking her kidneys out or in the modern street lingo eliminating her neurons.


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One response to “Can we trust media to look after itself?

  1. Nontlahla

    We can trust, fully in the media to look after itself, it has been doing so for year. Profit margins rising and the works. At what expense is the question?
    However, the topic under the heading is of higher concern. The topic of abortions.
    I guess there is some truth in the opinion that the world would sleep better not knowing about abortions (legal) done all over, I would sleep better at night knowing there is no more crime, suicide, disease and the like, so are we saying the media should not publish these news?
    How do we separate our (societies) morals from what is actually happening in the world, and how do we address what is happening. Fact is this; girls, woman, mothers out there will continue doing abortions, the time to have tried and combat this evolution has long passed, it’s happening and it’s here to stay. So what now, do we legalise abortion? Do we hide the reality of abortion? Or maybe we should look to closing the tap. Yes, have it tightly shut so that it is child proof.
    Addressing the media in terms of abortion communication is like moping the floor when the water has spilled, taking care of the mess, however, we have not yet closed the basin tap, which is the cause of the water to spill, so maybe closing the tap first, will make the job of cleaning the mess easier and effective, or else we are trying to solve an unsolvable problem.
    Now, I am not quite sure as to how we close the tap. The condoms, abstainance, birth control pill scenario has proved unsuccessfull so far, but for as long as we attack the results of the problem and not the problem itself, we will not get far.

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