Politics of ARVs in South Africa

My experience has shown me that some people are careless about their future (life) and care a little more about today. This I learnt while participating in the roll-out of ARVs.


People on ARVs are given about three different types of pills to take over a period of time (for life). Where these are filed or recorded on patients’ files one notices some trends which often made doctors wonder what’s going on (could SA’s ARVs have been weakened?), because when ever there’s a CD4 count it often indicates that either the patient isn’t taking them or they not effective. This took a while to uncover until eventually it spread through grapevine eventually reaching the ears of Medical Officers (MOs), that there’s grant for HIV positive people, however not all HIV positive people can benefit from it only those who’s CD4 count is either 200 or below, (note only at this stage can our govt. also enrol patients into ARV programmes).


This system has affected how people take ARVs i.e. there are a lot more visits to check CD4 counts than before which is good, however since this is only to ensure that one still qualifies or maintains a CD4 count of 200 or less in other to remain a grant recipient and not in too much danger i.e. by not taking sufficient ARVs to be much healthier.


The grant might if it has not as yet made some envious of the free monthly income and we all know what are the consequences of being envious and have what it take to manipulate the system in this case intentionally get yourself infected in order to access the free money.  This does not mean that the grant is a bad idea, it is not as we all know that ARVs go hand in hand with healthy eating i.e. veggies and fruits thus the monthly grant.


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