Let’s talk about the tapes that got JZ off the hook

Brief background

Our airports have become the centre of criminal activities which amounts between 200 million 300 million a year this is just at OR Tambo airport alone. In 2001 Paul O’Sullivan was appointed as Group Executive – Aviation Security, Employed by Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) his role was to ensure such criminal activities as above are non-existent or at least kept as low as possible.

When Paul joined ACSA a company by the name of Khuselani security was in charge of securities headed back then by CEO Noel Ngwenya. A few days after Paul joined ACSA two serious robberies within days apart took place at OR Tambo international Airport (possibly by the same syndicate), this obviously was a wake-up call for him that his job was a very serious one. He exercised his powers and fired Khuselani Securities (a good decision but not a great move considering the toes he was stepping on) for contract details: http://www.acsa.co.za/home.asp?pid=94&toolid=2&ItemID=3369). On who’s toes he stepped on and how this was a good business decision but bad one for his life read this article http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?click_id=13&set_id=1&art_id=vn20061108014727730C487630

Now back to the subject, the former NDPP Boss Leonard McCarthy had the responsibility to probe the allegations against Jack Selebi mentioned on this link which I already referred you to it above http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?click_id=13&set_id=1&art_id=vn20061108014727730C487630 this later translated to Jack Selebi facing charges of corruption and defeating the ends of justice and it was all leaked by Paul O’Sullivan to certain newspapers as well as NPA strategically. In 2006 the Scorpions were now seriously investigating Selebi, certain information was leaked to media such as Selebi’s links to Agliotti, Andrew Philips, Gavin Varejes and Steven Ferrer as well as information on insurance fraud by Nassif this also included information on Brett Kebble.

In his (Jackie Selebi) attempt to prevent NPA from prosecuting him he started searching background information on McCarthy (who was heading the investigation?) looking for something that he could use against him in order to prevent him from further pursuing the charges against him.

The tapes

Certain allegations were framed and labeled against McCarthy in order for the SAPS to tap his phone , this was part of the search to find information that can be used against McCarthy as well as to monitor developments on the Selebi case such as conversations with possible witnesses who might then be warned, threatened etc not to testify against the gangster in uniform. The tapping of the phone haapned just before and after ANC Polokwane conference.

A few days before ANC Polokwane conference NPA was ready to make a move on Selebi as well as Jacob Zuma.

Mbeki’s role

The NPA informed the Mbeki that they were ready to make a move (arrest)on the two (Selebi and Zuma). However because of the political situation just before ANC Polokwane conference Mbeki advised NPA to wait until after the conference in the interest of the country. This I think was also to prevent JZ from getting sympathy votes or losing votes from Selebi die hards.

more assumptions

These tapes I believe have been in the possession of SAPS (Selebi) since the, probably waiting for the right time to release them. Why (SAPS) or Selebi decided to pass them on Zuma’s lawyers is another good question which doesn’t need a genious to answer (Selebi’s future at SAPS depends on him being on the right team) whether JZ will yield to this strategic move for favours remains to be seen only time will tell.


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