SAFA’s withholding of information from media was right, I SAID IT so what?

The media was angry and disappointed when they discovered (two weeks later) through a Brazilian media that Carlos Alberto “tatama-millions” Parreira had resigned and that another Brazilian coach, Joel Santana was taking over from him.

The media claimed that the public was robed off information by not being informed by SAFA of the developments as they happened.

I say the media was pissed off because it did not have time to speculate and throw in candidate names in the basket for a possible new coach to take over from Parreira.  Some of you are probably thinking isn’t this guy a journalist (by qualification)? Yes I am, and I won’t change or suppress my opinions because of that, I’ll say things the way I see them.

I mean think about it, this is the smoothest handover from one couch to another in how many years, (you probably thinking “is he putting the blame on the media?”) yes and no, yes because the media speculations have played a role in terms of how the public responds or reacts to what has been happening, and no if SAFA had a well organised house things could have been better managed (this post is not about SAFA but the media).

Let’s say SAFA had informed the media, can you imagine how many *‘resident couches’  we would have had speculating on the reasons for his resignation and who will take over i.e. your Mike Mangenas etc. throwing in possible names in the basket, I bet JZ would have been thrown in too.

In brief this has been the smoothest non-confusing coach changes in Mzantsi’s soccer history in years, I bet even a hardcore rugby fan or a toddler can tell you what’s happening with Bafana Bafana and couching.

If I were SAFA I’d do it again big-up to Raymond Hack.

As for the media, invest more in your investigative journos (once bitten twice shy).

*(what is a resident coach anyway, I’d love to be one too just give me a chance to put on my Mushin,  Dolezar or even Pitso Mosimane attitude first,).


SABC SAGA coming soon as my friend puts it “karma is bitch look no further than Dali Mpofu” Patiswa, watch this space… (& they want to steal my boss nogal).


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