Cuba:Fidel Castro resigns did u hear that Papa Mugabe

I recently had a chat about Cuba with my childhood friend currently studying towards (being a Doctor) a doctor’s degree in Cuba, from the chat I gather that there is a split in opinion amongst Cubans on the future of Cuba in particular its (economic) relations with America.

For those who need a brief, Fidel Castro overthrew the then Cuban Government together with Che Guevara (yes that guy who’s face is on your T.shirt, now u know though very little (about Che). 

Back to my purpose for this blog, some of the Cubans the (older residents to be more specific (Zimbabwe come 2 mind) still remember being sold as slaves to the Americans by Batista (no not the dance or the Wrestler but a corrupt leader overthrown by Fidel and Che) and hence have a great love for their rescuer Fidel Castro. There’s also the young (Their Fikile Mbalulas) who see the rich Canadians and Europeans and want to aspire to the Capitalist ideal. This definitely will be one amongst other many deciding factors over the coming years. Raul Castro (Fidel’s younger brother) for the time being will be accepted but as the older residents die out and tourism blossoms and brings its money and desire for money it will be hard to turn the tide away from Comunism (Hint hint Zumania).

Contrary to Mzantsi, following the collapse of the Soviet Union Cuba found itself struggling with funding and there are many areas of the infrastructure that are now crumbling (Hint hint Mzantsi’s housing, RDP etc we have the funds though) – that said there is still excellence in education (some lessons for Pandor to learn in Cuba) and health care (vooi-tog Manto).With that said perhaps we should deploy Pandor and Manto to Cuba as Ambassadress perhaps they could learn a thing or two. But whatever we do Zuma should not visit Fidel (we don’t want another Polokwane decider or embarrassment [eish Kenya toe], it’s time African leaders vacate office early rather than late).

I retire!


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