Bulk mobile msging & students

Bulk mobile phone messaging can be a useful faster alternative way to communicate with students. This idea struck me at an unexpected time (towards 12:00 midnight to be specific, and NO I wasn’t sleepless but DJ’ing somewhere) just a minute after being interrupted by LOAD SHEDDING or POWER CUT (eish, can’t even tell the difference between the two) this morning whilst I was internally boiling with Eskom hatred a thought crossed my mind. What if it happens a day before or an hour before an examination? Will we do the usual i.e. postpone the event/test/meeting etc. to another day or move to an alternative venue. Should the latter be the choice would we not want to spread the message as quickly as possible to all the students/lecturers/participants affected to avoid further inconvenience or delays.  The service has been used mainly for marketing purposes and I’ve certainly used it to promote my gigs. If we can have a mailing list for students why not have all their cell numbers for bulk messaging too for the more urgent messages. I’m quiet certain this will come in handy to deliver the more urgent massages i.e. change of venue or a cancelled lecture or test etc. 

After all it is general knowledge that more than half of the students have a mobile device or at least live in the same residence or off campus (digs) with someone who has one or are friends with (who owns one).

Just a thought!


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