This DJ has had it with ya’ll…

fellow djs and djs wanna be(s), it is not cool to disturb djs once they’ve started playing. If the manager/promoter wanted you on the decks he’d have booked you. You’re unnecessarily irritating, also bring your own Vynils or CDs music too.

Secondly if you’re interested in bumming time off djs allocated time don’t expect them to supply you with material to play too (No means No, otherwise you’ll be no different to an irritating rush “when ever you get rid of it, it keeps on coming back”).  

It is not fair on the people on the dance floor too who have paid to listen to a specific dj as reflected on advertising material (i.e. posters and fliers), who end up listening to your pre-mixed computer sets.

Beyond that, the dance floor is as packed as the djs mood and you’re unnecessary stunts are not contributing positively to that.


Ooh, watch your mouth and attitude too, I might not be as strong as Mark Henry, The Great Khali or the Undertaker but I can certainly sort you out!



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