Where are Fort Hare University Alumni?

After a couple of visits to Fort Hare University (at) and Alice, I have come to realise that the institution is still financially backward and this is not just the institution but the town (Alice itself) even Graaff-Reinet is doing much better though it doesn’t have an advanced tertiary institution like other towns nor prominent people in the high powers with huge bank balances.

Fort Hare University in Alice South Africa is well known for the products it has produced throughout its history and most of them are currently occupying high positions in both Government and Private sectors (I will not dwell on its wonderful history, as I’m not that qualified to do so yet).But I will indeed that say it out loud that I am still quite shocked that none of its products has come forward to assist financially or alternatively.

It is a fact that Fort Hare is still a black dominant University in terms of students in fact I still get surprised when I see a white person there who’s not an employee but a student, we have often wondered why is it so and when we do find answers it ends there, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this is largely to lack of resources and parents want their children to go where there are resources as long as they can afford. A more a immediate example are our school children today, parents still send their kids to ‘model c’  schools although they come out as better products in all spheres of life and intellectually from ‘disadvantaged’ schools  compared to ‘model c’ schools (where there are more better resources).  Let me stop before I bring in another whole new subject…

Not so long ago (pre 1994) we were complaining about lack of resources and development there (Alice & Fort Hare Univ.) credit to apartheid govt). Now that the same people who graduated from that institution, fully aware of the circumstances based on their own experiences are now in better positions to make vast differences and a huge positive impact, are instead behaving like Hertzog…eish


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