A Union representing Trade Unions’ employees

I bet Cosatu and SACP didn’t see this one coming, while they kept themselves occupied with Politics their employees were uniting themselves on the other hand. 

Lets see who will strike first Cosatu/SACP/ or their employees (see story below).

New association for trade union employees

    January 11 2008 at 02:01PM
A new association representing trade union employees in South Africa has been formed.The SA Association of Trade Union Officials (SAATUO) was formed because trade union officials were often subjected to exploitation similar or worse than what companies subject them to, said Humbulani Tshikalange, spokesperson for the association.”Employees are dismissed all the time for no reason and their conditions are changed anytime office bearers feel like changing them… without consulting with their employees.”

Rule 25 of the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) does not allow trade union employees to be represented by fellow employees at the CCMA, said Tshikalange.

“Trade union employees were forced to either employ the services of lawyers, who do not come cheap, or have to handle cases on their own and thus lose out,” said Tshikalange.


The idea of forming such a union was initially raised sometime in 1996 and was long overdue, said Tshikalange.

Trade union employees would come together to bargain collectively, particularly on conditions of work and salaries, which were very low, Tshikalange said.

“The union already has members from trade unions across the federations.”

The association was planning to hold its first general meeting on January 20 at 209 Smit Street on the 25th Floor of the Old Total House in Braamfontein.

The meeting would deal with a programme of action for 2008; negotiations for recognition with employers (trade unions); and referring disputes to the CCMA on current problematic issues such as trade unions withdrawing benefits without consultations, said Tshikalange. – Sapa



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