Mbeki faces lame-duck term

Based on ANC election results last night, if I were Thabo Mbeki I would call an early election therefore passing on the thrown to my (undesirable) successor.

Why: I don’t see Mbeki & Jacob Zuma working together, one will have to remember  that Mbeki will have choice between doing what Zuma as ANC president tells him to do or defy that and do as He (President of the SA) thinks it’s best for the country (and his legacy yes his legacy)…

It will be interesting to know what will happen to Zuma’s corruption allegations, will these strategically be swept under the carpet, will he prove his innocence or will he be convicted and join Shaik behind bars?

What will the relationship be between Zuma & COSATU when he becomes president of the country, considering that he’ll have to consider workers as well as achieveing the economic development goals. What relationship will we have with China i.e. SA factory workers vs imports from china.

What will Zuma’s cabinet look like, what role will Joel Netshitenzhe (the brain behind all or most of ANC policies) play in Zuma’s leadership.

Tokyo Sexwale was confused until he realised which side is the winning side and switched to it, what role will he play? will he be as strong as he claimed during his election campaigns? By the way He made a great move by withdrawing his nomination, he saved himself from embarassment however he needs to work on the negative reputation he gained when he chose sides. (I’ll be watching closely all his business links just to see how he accumulates more wealth). (this peace has been written in the orb hrs of the morning excuse the grammar). 

“Jacob Zuma, the populist politician, humiliated President Thabo Mbeki with a sweeping victory in the election for leader of the African National Congress on Tuesday night. Zuma, who survived a rape trial and his dismissal as the country’s deputy president by Mbeki over corruption allegations, took 60% of the nearly 4 000 votes at the party’s national conference”. (http://ww.mg.co.za)


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